Competition schedule

There will be four competitions in 2020-2021. The the assigned topics assume that folks won’t have as many opportunities this year to get out and photograph the great outdoors. If you do have that perfect waterfall image, please feel free to submit it in the Photographer’s Choice category.

All evaluations will be conducted online.

Competition 1

  • Assigned topic: My backyard
    • Images from or of your backyard, balcony, or window
  • Images due by midnight Tuesday Oct. 20
  • Results presentation Tuesday Nov. 3

Competition 2

  • Assigned topic: Tabletop photography
    • Anything photographed on a tabletop (stationary or otherwise)
    • Still life, miniatures, water drop, etc.
  • Image due by midnight Tuesday Nov. 17
  • Results presentation Tuesday Dec. 1

Competition 3

  • Assigned topic: Low light
    • Reveal what’s hidden in the gloom!
    • Long exposures, motion blur, city lights, the stars above…
    • No flash images please
  • Images due by midnight Tuesday Jan. 19
  • Results presentation Tuesday Feb. 2

Competition 4

  • Assigned topic: Altered reality
    • Break out your image editing skills!
    • Strange perspectives, fish eye lenses, extreme closeups
    • No new images? No problem! Doctor up your old stuff – make it weird.
  • Images due by midnight Tuesday March 23
  • Result presentation Tuesday Apr. 6

PACN competition rules 2020-2021


Each competition will have two categories. One of them will always be “Photographer’s Choice”. Entrants may submit up to four images per competition. Each category must contain no more than three images.

Image format

Images are to be submitted as JPEG files (e.g., *.jpg or *.jpeg). The colour space should be sRGB for best colour representation.

Images must be no larger than 1080×1920, the OCCC competition standard. Specifically, each image must have a maximum vertical size of 1080 pixels, and a maximum horizontal size of 1920 pixels.

Borders of all kinds are permitted but the overall size must fit within the maximum size

Skill categories

There are no skill categories (e.g., novice, intermediate, advance) for this season. Skill categories may be reintroduced when there are consistently more than 25 makers entered per competition.

Image eligibility

Images must have been taken on or after January 1, 2015. This limit applies regardless of the category.

Each image must be the work of the entrant.

Images submitted in one club competition may not be submitted in subsequent club competitions. Please avoid submission of near identical images.

Images that directly, or indirectly, identify the maker will be disqualified.

Image submission

Images for all competitions will be submitted online.

Image display

Images for live competitions will be displayed to the judges on a colour-calibrated 1200×1920 monitor. The audience will view a projected display that may or may not be properly calibrated. Images will be displayed to the judges at 1:1 magnification on a black or grey background.

For online competitions, the judges will view images on their personal colour-calibrated monitors as per OCCC guidelines.

Judging procedure

There will be three judges certified by the OCCC.


Scoring is based on the OCCC guidelines wherein judges score each image from 4.5 to 10. The total image score will range from 13.5 to 30.

Images will be awarded first to fifth place according to their score. There may be multiple winners at each level. I.e., ties will not be broken.

Judges comments (live judging)

For each image, one judge will make a comment. Comments will not be recorded. Judges will be requested to keep their comments brief – less than a minute.

If there is a difference of more than two points, the judges concerned will be asked to explain their decisions.

Judges comments (online judging)

The scoring software will randomly assign one of the three judges to comment on each image. Entrants may choose whether they want judges to comment on their images. Judges are free to comment on any image.

Photographer Of The Year points

The maker earns point towards the coveted Photographer Of The Year (POTY) prize according to the image placement.

One point will be awarded for each image submitted. For images scoring in the top five, additional points will be awarded:

  • First place – 5 points
  • Second place – 4 points
  • Third place – 3 points
  • Fourth place – 2 points
  • Fifth place – 1 point