PACN evaluation event guidelines

Dates for 2020-21 Evaluation Nights

  • Tuesday, November 13 
  • Tuesday, January 5
  • Tuesday, March 2


Evaluation nights are fun, interactive events that provide photographers of all skill levels with a chance to present and receive constructive feedback about their images.

How it Works

  • Submit up to 2 images per event
  • Each image will be viewed and reviewed individually
  • The maker introduces their image and tells the group about the image
  • Other members then offer constructive comments about your photo
  • Questions can be asked by the audience such as “Could you have cropped more loosely”? or “Do you have shots from a different angle”
  • Evaluations are open for comments only – no “on the fly” editing
  • After the moderator closes the discussion, members then vote on the photo –it can be rated as “gold”, “silver” or “bronze”. Photos that do not receive enough votes for a “silver” will be designated as “bronze” level
  • Occasionally we may vary from the above process to keep things interesting. Members will be notified in advance when an evaluation evening will follow a different format

Not a Competition

Although there is a competitive aspect to Evaluation Nights (who doesn’t want a gold rating?), these evenings aren’t competitions. Everybody can participate and all images are judged on their own merit – there is no winner or loser. Multiple images can receive a gold rating.

To that end, if you would prefer not to have a photo rated, just let the moderator know when you submit your photos. Your photo can still be shown, and you will receive comments, but no votes will be taken.

Who Benefits?

Everybody benefits…

  • New photographers obtain valuable feedback on their progress
  • More seasoned shooters can fine-tune their images for competition
  • If you have adjusted your image feel free to bring in in for another evaluation to see how you’ve done

Evaluation Criteria

Since it is not a competition, you don’t have to be familiar with competition judging to participate. Tell the maker how you feel about the photo. Here are some common criteria


  • Does the image immediately grab my attention?
  • Do I experience an emotional reaction to the image? Happy, sad, peaceful, etc.?
  • Does the image convey a story or message to me?


  • Is this an image that I will remember?
  • With a few edits, could this image be rated as “gold”?

Image submission

  • Images can be submitted in advance by e-mail (evaluations@pacn.ca), or at the event on a USB drive
  • Images must be in JPEG format
  • Images must be sized to a maximum of 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically

See our guides for resizing with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Competition eligibility

Images presented during an evaluation event are eligible for PACN competitions. Note that any given image can only be entered once in a PACN competition.

The Competitions Committee will evaluate all gold rated images and select those that will become part of a “club” entry to outside competitions such as those held by CAPA. The maker can, of course, elect not to participate.

Photographer of The Year (POTY) points

  • Earn 1 POTY point for each image submitted
  • 1 additional point for silver images (total of 2)
  • 2 additional points for gold images (total of 3)
  • Images resubmitted for subsequent evaluations receive 0 points
  • The maker must be present to receive points