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Upcoming Club Dates

September 10 – Club Meeting
Presenter: Peter Stranks
September14–Toronto Island Outing

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We meet at:

Newmarket Community Centre
200 Doug Duncan Drive
7:30 PM

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Welcome to the Photo Arts Club of Newmarket (PACN). We are a diverse group of photo enthusiasts. We make images with DSLRs, with mirrorless cameras, with point and shoots and with our smart phones. We are experienced photographers and beginners and everything in between. We welcome new members at all skill levels from novice to advanced.

The club meets on Tuesday evenings at the Newmarket Community Centre. Generally we meet three times per month. At one meeting we generally welcome a speaker who brings expertise or knowledge on some aspect of photography or shares images from a part of the world that few of us have had the chance to visit. Another meeting generally takes the form of a workshop, a how-to demonstration or a hands-on opportunity to try something new. A third meeting takes the form of an image evaluation or competition. (For more information on image evaluations and competitions visit.

Check out our events page for details about upcoming meetings.

Several times per year we organize a photo outing, an opportunity to get out and do some shooting with a group of like-minded photo enthusiasts. Some of these trips are close to home and involve a morning or a full day. Occasionally we organize a weekend trip to a more distant location.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know is that we welcome new members, regardless of their level of experience.

If you would like information about the club or if you have any questions please send an email to: info@pacn.ca

And well, what’s a photography club web site without photography so we’re showing off the work of some of our members. Below are images which earned Image of the Year or Noteworthy Image Awards in 2019

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