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February 10:
Toronto Zoo Outing. Details further down the page

February 13:
A presentation by Judy and Carm Griffin



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IMPORTANT! The venue for this meeting has changed due to a conflict with a town sponsored event. For this day only to go the Ray Twinney Complex, lounge 1 at 100 Eagle St W, Newmarket
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February Outings

On February 10th we’re heading to the zoo.  Going to the zoo in the winter is a great opportunity to photograph many of the animals that are not particularly active during the summer.  Also, the pandas are leaving March 18th so this might be your last opportunity to see them.

Long lenses are almost a must for shooting the outdoor exhibits, but there are many creatures to shoot indoors as well where shorter or wide angle lenses might be better.

For those interested in car pooling we’ll meet at 8:30 AM at the GO bus terminal at Eagle and Davis in Newmarket across from Upper Canada Mall.  We usually gather at the North end of the parking lot near Davis Drive.  For everyone else, let’s try to meet at 10 AM just inside the admission gates.

The zoo opens at 9:30 AM if you want to go earlier.  Winter admission is $23 for ages 13 to 64 and $18 for 65+.  Parking is $12.  We can all meet at the Africa Restaurant for lunch.

Dress warm, but remember we’ll be heading indoors at some point so you will have to lug around that snow suit.

For more information go to

Hope to see you there!