2019-20 Competition #3 JIT Form-Architecture

: Welcome to the rating forms for PACN’s on-line competition. There are 2 sets of images: those entered in the assigned category of Architecture and those entered in the category of Photographer’s Choice. You are asked to judge both sets of images.

Assigned topic: Architecture: Buildings, towers, houses or shacks. Members are urged to be creative!

Judging Page (Rating form)

When you first open this page, it will take a few moments (possibly up to a minute or more, depending on the number of images and the speed of your internet) for all of the images to load into your browser.  If you do not clear your cache between sessions, this page will load immediately in subsequent sessions.

Using the rating form (Helpful information)Please take the time to read the “Help” information available by clicking  “Using this rating form”, particularly if this is your first time using this judging interface.

Judging Deadline and Awards

After all three judges complete the scoring, we will combine the scores and award placements. Since this is our first on-line competition, we allowed the members an extended period of time for image upload. Images will be available for viewing no later than Thursday Nov. 14, 2019. We will present the results at a meeting on Tuesday Dec. 3, 2019. The Competition Team needs to have your scores by Friday Nov. 29, 2019 to allow the Competition Team adequate time to compile results before the presentation date.

Viewing standards
It is recommended that when judging, you use a desktop monitor with a minimum resolution of 1920 pixels wide, 32-bit colour.

You have confirmed that your monitor meets these standards and that it has been recently calibrated using a colour calibrating device.

To check that your calibrated monitor is set at the correct brightness, we provide you with a standard Monitor target image that you can view by clicking this link.

Please note:

  • Each “Save All” button saves all unsaved items. A red outline appears around these boxes indicating which images you have changed but not yet saved. It is recommended that you save often (every few images) so that you don’t lose any unsaved entries.
  • A small box at the bottom left of your screen keeps track of how many items you have completed.
  • You may also sort the images by using any of the available sort buttons at the top of the columns
  • Reloading the page will revert it to the original order
  • You are able to change your scores and edit your comments until you have completed your scoring form and press the “finished” button
  • If you have any images that you have not scored, when you press the “finished” button, it will prompt you to score those images
  • You are encouraged to sort the images by score and review your assigned scores before clicking ‘finished’

If you have any technical issues or any questions, please email Steve Ansell (sansell@rogers.com) or Bruce Carmody (brucecarmody@rogers.com).

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