Web Resources

Most of us use the internet as a source for learning about photography. But there are so many web sites from a multitude of photographers that it’s hard to know who might be worth following or bookmarking for further visits.

Here are some links that have been submitted by members for photographers, teachers and web sites that they have personally found useful. If you have an idea for another, submit it to the  webmaster along with a brief description and it will be added to this page.

From Wendy Holden

Here is a website with a comprehensive description of Landscape and Night Sky photography that I recommend for those with an interest in this area of photography, (includes free PDF).

From Jim Spurgeon

Robin Whalley is a landscape photographer and author from the North West of England.He describes himself as The Lightweight Photographer because of his use of lightweight or mirrorless cameras. Having said that, most of his materiel is devoted to tutorials and videos on Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik and On1. He maintains more than one website:

The lightweight Photographer:

Lenscraft Photography:



Robin Whalley also publishes a lot of ebooks on Amazon. Surprisingly, he is an amateur. He makes his living as an IT professional.

From Bruce Carmody

I subscribe to a weekly newsletter from Digital Photography School. Each week there are links to a variety of topics. I don’t check them all out, but will check out some that interest me. I also find the site a great resource for “how-to” articles on topics with which I am unfamiliar, like posing people for portraits.


Here are a few of the topics from a recent edition:

  • 4 Tips to help you love using Manual Mode
  • 4 of the most common composition mistakes in photography
  • 5 steps to making better pictures
  • Creative lighting tips using household items